The 5 Best CBD Products to Explore Now 

Cannabidiol (CBD) continues to grow in popularity as research continues to show its wide range of potential benefits. Studies show this cannabinoid has analgesic properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidant properties. CBD is also a promising treatment for a huge range of conditions, including chronic pain, sleep disorders, and anxiety. 

Whether people are trying it for a specific benefit or for their overall wellness, CBD is booming. But with so many products on the market nowadays, how do you know what’s worth trying? 

To help you find a CBD product you love, we’re highlighting 5 amazing CBD products to explore right now.

Best CBD Gummies 

Brand: WYLD

Product: Cannabis-Infused Hybrid Enhanced Gummies 

CBD Ratio: 20:1

Dosage: 20 mg CBD & 1 mg THC per gummy

WYLD’s delicious 20:1 CBD-infused gummies are an excellent choice for everyone from newbies to CBD connoisseurs. These easy-to-dose sweets are made with all natural ingredients, including real fruit, a hybrid terpene blend, and cannabis-derived CBD oil. While it’s CBD-dominant, this is a full-spectrum product that offers additional benefits from its array of terpenes and cannabinoids. 

WYLD’s gummies come in a wide range of flavors (all of which have no artificial flavors). So, whenever you feel like switching things up from strawberry, you can choose from their delectable selection of assorted fruit flavors. Their gummy products also come in higher THC ratios for those who prefer stronger effects. 

Best CBD Topical Product

Brand: Papa & Barkley 

Product: Releaf Balm

CBD Ratio: 3:1 

Dosage: 135 mg CBD & 33 mg THC per container 

Papa & Barkley’s award-winning Releaf Balm is wonderful for soothing body pain. Releaf Balm is made with a unique, chemical-free infusion process that preserves the cannabis plant’s full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients. The Balm also boasts nourishing organic ingredients and essential oils, including eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender. 

In addition to being award-winning, the Releaf Balm is a consistent best seller. People love it for its natural formula and powerful pain relief. Customer reviews say it “works wonders” and provides “almost instant relief.”

Best CBD Oil Tincture 

Brand: Care By Design

Product: Full Spectrum CBD Drops

CBD Ratio: 40:1

Dosage: 480 mg CBD & 12 mg THC per 15 ml bottle

Care By Design’s 40:1 CBD drops are an ideal choice for someone who wants the benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil, with little to no psychoactive effects. The brand describes these drops as “made for all.” They boast high-quality CBD, a curated range of terpenes, and an array of cannabinoids, all suspended in a premium MCT carrier oil. 

The blend is specifically designed for those who are new to cannabis, yet still want potent effects from their CBD. It’s a great day or night solution for anxiety, pain, or stress relief, or simply for daily wellness. 

Best CBD Capsules 

Brand: Papa & Barkley 

Product: Releaf Capsules 

CBD Ratio: 30:1 

Dosage: 30 mg CBD & 1 mg THC per capsule 

Papa & Barley’s Releaf Capsules are an excellent choice for those who want to try CBD as a natural supplement. They’re an easy way to take a daily dose of CBD for its potential health benefits, such as improved sleep quality and reduced stress levels. 

These high quality capsules contain only two simple ingredients: coconut oil and an exact dose of full-spectrum CBD extract. If you’re looking for a whole plant oil product that’s precise and incredibly convenient, look no further. 

Best CBD Pet Product 


Product: Premium Quality Cannabis Tincture 

CBD Ratio: 20:1

Dosage: 250 mg CBD & 12.5 mg THC per bottle

VETCBD’s Premium Quality Cannabis Tincture is a doctor-formulated blend designed to support your pet’s joint mobility, brain function, GI health, and mood. VETCBD products come with complimentary support from healthcare professionals who can help those who are new to CBD pet products. Each batch also undergoes multiple rounds of third-party testing, so you can feel confident your pet is getting nothing less than the very best. 

Final Thoughts 

Looking for even more best-in-class CBD products to try? Visit a DC Collective dispensary near you to explore our full selection. If you’re not sure where to start, ask one of our knowledgeable team members for a personalized recommendation. We’re always here to match you with the perfect product for your needs and experience level. 

November 30, 2023

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