Gift Guide for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Finding the perfect gift can be a bit overwhelming. You want something the recipient will love at a price you can afford. If you have a cannabis user in your life, you're in luck, because there are loads of holiday gifts that will put a smile on their face. Stoner gifts come in all shapes, sizes and prices, and this handy cannabis gift guide will give you all of the ideas you could ever want or need. 

Honeydew Mojito Refined Live Resin THC Cartridge

Honeydew Mojito
Refined Live Resin™ THC Cartridge

This delightfully flavored THC cartridge is a thoughtful gift for someone who likes to try new cannabis products and enjoys using a vape to deliver the marijuana. This high-potency cartridge boasts natural flavors and aromas, including melon and mint that provide a delicious vaping experience, leaving the user a lovely high at the same time. 

5:1 Midnight Blueberry Cannabis Infused Gummies

5:1 Midnight Blueberry (20mg CBN/100mg THC)
Camino Gummies

If you know someone who is craving a good night's sleep, these delicious blueberry flavored gummies are the obvious choice. The indica strain used in the product offers the soothing effects one needs to drift to dreamland. At the same time, the addition of chamomile and lavender further induces a night of deep and restful shuteye. Combine these gummies with a warm pair of fuzzy socks for the perfect gift for the cannabis lover in your life. 

5:2 Midnight Mint Dark Chocolate

5:2 Midnight Mint Dark Chocolate CBN (100mg THC/40mg CBN)
Dark Chocolate Bar

No one with a sweet tooth will turn down chocolate, especially when they're in the holiday spirit. This gift combines the natural flavors of cacao with a delightful hit of THC. Designed to help you sleep, the mixture of THC and CBN will have you feeling drowsy and ready for bed in no time. Add to that the lovely background taste of mint and it's like having a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream in bed. 

Birthday Cake Vape Pod

Birthday Cake

Does your guest list include a cannabis connoisseur who wants to feel blissful, relaxed and creative? This birthday cake flavored vape pod will be their favorite gift this year. It has a lovely buttery, nutty cake taste that will uplift and soothe without being too sedating, as it's predominantly an indica strain. Available in .5g or 1g, this is a gift sure to please.

Cream Cookie Mints Pre-Rolled Singles

Cream Cookie Mintz [1g]
Pre Roll

Need a gift that doesn't cost too much, but will still offer the cannabis experience your loved one has on their list this year? These pre-rolled singles are the perfect choice. A mixture of indica and sativa strains, they're great for smoking alone or with friends. You'll get a balanced combination of soothing energy and euphoria and anyone will love getting these joints as a gift. 

Sunrise Tangerine Tincture

Sunrise Tangerine [30ml] (1000mg)

A tincture is the ideal choice for anyone who loves the effects of cannabis flowers but doesn't want to smoke it. This tincture has a fresh citrus taste and offers and uplifting effect with every dose. The product comes with a dropper for precise measuring and makes it easy to find just the right amount. Make it a happy holiday by gifting this tasty tincture that provides the many benefits of cannabis without the risk that comes with smoking it. 

Cinnamon Relief 1:1 Spray

Cinnamon Relief 1:1 Spray (500mg CBD/500mg THC)
Oral Spray

Do you have a friend or family member who is stressed and needs to chill? This spray is among our many premium cannabis products and helps induce sleepiness, as well as promote recovery after a workout or stressful day. It comes packaged with plenty of aesthetic appeal and is small enough to be portable and discreet at the same time. Just a couple squirts and anyone will find the relief they're looking for. 

1:1 Fire & Ice Muscle Relief Lotion

Fire & Ice
Muscle Relief Lotion

Cannabis culture isn't just about getting high. There are loads of benefits in terms of using marijuana as an alternative medicine to treat a wide variety of mental and physical health conditions. This relief lotion is ideal for all ages and is something that the athlete in your life will get super excited about. The non-greasy, roller application combines CBD and THC with essential oils for a lovely experience and a practical solution to sore muscles. 

22K Pod Battery

22K Pod Battery

For anyone who regularly runs out of juice in their cannabis vape pen, this pod battery will be a lifesaver. This compact battery is easy to pack and makes it easy to smoke anytime without worrying about running out of power. No cannabis holiday gift guide would be complete without this ideal power source for always being ready to light up the vape. 

Rolling Tray

Rolling Tray
DC Collective

If anyone on your gift list enjoys making and smoking joints, this rolling tray will be sure to make them happy. The silver color and compact design is ideal for leaving out on the coffee table, as well as being portable enough to take along on all cannabis adventures. Rolling recreational cannabis is so much easier and fun with a rolling tray like this one. 

Pomegranate Odder Popz Feminized Seeds

Pomegranate Odder Popz [11pk]
Creme De Canna
Feminized Seeds

The cannabis community is filled with people who love to smoke or otherwise use marijuana, but if you know someone who also wants to experiment with growing their own product, these seeds are the perfect starter gift this year. There is an array of strains that can be nurtured in a home cannabis garden, but be sure you adhere to all rules for doing so when you gift these seeds so that no one gets into trouble with the endeavor. 

Citrus Cedar Blue Sage Cream

Citrus Cedar
Blue Sage

There is such a great variety of options tailored to personal preferences for usage methods. Applying cannabis topically, via creams or lotions, is a good way to infuse your muscles with the product and enjoy a soothing and relaxing effect. This cream is ideal for athletes who spend a lot of time playing their sport, but it's also a fantastic choice for anyone you know who suffers from sore muscles for any reason. It boasts a citrusy scent and the potent effects that sore muscles are crying out for. 

Black Berry Pre Roll

Black Berry
1850 Cannabis
Pre Roll

When you need an affordable cannabis gift, you can't go wrong with a pre roll. It's great for any stoner in your life and is something they can enjoy alone or the two of you can share as part of your holiday celebration. The indica strain encased in this pre roll produces a lovely soothing effect with a tasty blackberry flavor that anyone is going to love. 

Maui Wowie Terp Chews

Maui Wowie [20pk] (100mg)
Terp Chews

Each of these fruity terp chews has 5mg of THC, which promises the recipient an uplifting euphoric effect, combined with a tasty mango and pineapple flavor with each bite. The great thing about gifting a bag of cannabis gummies is that your loved one can enjoy them alone or you can chew them together for a shared blissful experience with a potent punch. 

Baklava Specialty Hybrid Pod

Specialty Pod

For the rich flavor of a baklava dessert, this pod is the ideal choice to satisfy that wish. The cannabis industry has exploded with new and innovative premium cannabis products and flavors and this pod fits the bill for anyone you know who loves trying them all. The hybrid array of strains contained within promises a blissed-out, but invigorating feel that anyone is going to enjoy this holiday season. 

Platinum Blue Dream Shake

Platinum Blue Dream

This California-bred sativa strain is a potent mix that promises an enlightening high. If you have a loved one who is after that euphoric and energizing feeling, this shake is the perfect gift option. It features a refreshing sweet blueberry flavor and can be used to roll a joint or smoke a bowl. 

No matter which cannabis lover you're shopping for this year, this array of premium cannabis products available at DC Collective offers something for everyone, including the recreational joint smoker and the person who just wants a good night's rest. Any of these gifts on their own is great, but you can also match them with cannabis accessories, a pair of fuzzy socks or Edie Parker glass fruit pipe to make it a present that won't soon be forgotten. 

December 12, 2023

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